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Humanity LAB

Humanity L.A.B. (Life, Art, Business) is a Distributed Autonomous Organisation (DAO), the latest legal structure to exist. It is Blockchain enabled, financially and organisationally independent. We strongly believe that top down structures are out of date. Collaborating in a network makes particular sense in as our founders Earthan Raastoff, Margaret Rose-Goddard and Jessica Joseph are from Denmark, the UK and the Caribbean respectively. They all come from the U-Solve School of Empathetic Leadership and Entrepreneurship and are part of its Global Challenges Community.

Humanity L.A.B. was birthed on December 11th, 2018, after an intellectually stimulating, three- day event hosted by U-Solve SELE; The Global Challenges Retreat at Oxford University. Earthan, Jessica and Margaret were decompressing in Margaret’s kitchen, in her home in Bath, UK. They were immersed in the art of Hedda Hondon, a HuAnimal of ArtTheCore. Her “Cellfies”- Cellular Snapshots, Anatomical X-ray portraits of a specific picturized person, capturing her thoughtless (yet not at all insensible) authentic impression in an artistic expression put on paper; had been particularly affecting for the group. The raw humanity of the portraiture which stripped away all artifice led them to discuss how to best bring that art to the global community. This in turn led the trio along a brainstorming trail that eventually arrived at an event concept focused on raw humanity.

Before the name Humanity L.A.B. was conceived (in vibes-led sessions between Earthan and Jessica in early 2019) the foundation was formed in Margaret’s kitchen by combining the ethos of “The Solution Is You” which U-Solve embodies. The “You”- The Human Being, they realized needed help with well-being, now more than ever. They wanted to spotlight re-evolutionaries who were pioneering in that field, from neuroscientists, to organic chefs, to sexologists to comedians to musicians. They also wanted an event that spoke to people in their own environment, dealing with the specific issues there and could be replicated in other parts of the world.

They wanted to expand their growing Global Challenges Community which currently spans Europe, the Americas, Caribbean, Africa and Asia. They wanted every Humanity L.A.B. event to provide the ethical, empathetic and environmentally sustainable entrepreneurs in the host country, an additional marketing platform and opportunity to be known worldwide through a number of accompanying media platforms, including a full-feature Humanity L.A.B documentary.

Humanity L.A.B. Copenhagen will be inviting entrepreneurs from that country, to partner with them in 2019. Next year, it could be happening in your country.

Founder Biologies

These are not traditional, impersonal professional bios focused on titles and achievements (Carlo Link again to U-Solve Bio Page). In the spirit of Humanity L.A.B. these biologies highlight our founders’ and team members’ humanity. They provide a window into some of their deepest pain points and motivators and their genuine passion for why they do what they do. The bravely invite you to know them as human beings first.

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